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Incognito Comics Are Buying!

We at Incognito Comics have spent well over �1 Million in the last few years on buying the finest comic books, toys, collectables and artwork.  We are constantly buying in the UK, the USA and around the world.  Do your bank balance a favour and let us quote on your collection. We have to spend it somewhere - why not with you!!
Call  us on 01304-832335.

We particularly need high grade pre-1975 American Comics, but will consider practically anything, so please email us your list.
Professional artists. Selling your work? Ask us for our best price.
Single items or huge collections are always needed. We'll travel anywhere to view your collection - we'll even fly!!.

American collectors. We travel to the USA at least five times a year, and attend most of the major US Comic Book Conventions, so feel free to contact us if you are selling.
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